Management of business processes

BPM software allows to model and automate business processes, to trace parameters of their performance in real time.

Regardless of whether there is a speech about coordination of the contract, change of rules of formation of insurance premiums or planning of the annual budget, the business process management solution provides to the management of the company constant control over the course of the performance of an objective. It undertakes the most part of loading on the coordination of all involved employees, allowing to analyze results of the passing of a large number of processes at once, to reveal tendencies and to make reasonable decisions on the improvement of operating activities of the enterprise.

Tasks solved with the use of BPM systems:

  • The analysis and automation of the existing business processes
  • Design and imitating modeling new business of processes
  • Setting up business rules, monitoring of their execution (functionality of BRMS solutions – business rules management systems)
  • Automation of business processes (collecting requirements, design, modeling, execution, management of changes, etc.);
  • Control of business processes in short terms and in any parameters;
  • Monitoring of business processes (collecting statistics on key indicators; Monitoring of loading of employees; control of KPI and SLA both at the Level of all process, and at the level of separate steps of the process);
  • Optimization of business processes (process navigators for the direction of employees to necessary results; variability of processes depending on the region, a product, group of clients, qualification of employees, etc.);
  • Organization of collective work within unstructured business processes with the use of various channels of interaction and social networks.


The BPM system integrated into the IT space of the organization promotes streamlining of information infrastructure in general.

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