Explore Your Options With the right Joint Pain Solutions

Many people know the pain in the joints. Often pain occurs in the hip joint, pain in the elbow joint, pain in the shoulder joint, pain in the knee joint. Pain in the joints is chronic or acute. The cause of the pain may be age-related changes, fracture, increased stress on the joint, trauma, infectious disease or arthritis. Arthritis is such a general term for 100 diseases. Joint pain, folk recipes, we learn from this publication. These severe pains in the joints can be treated already tested by folk medicine. After all, an operation can always be done, if nothing helps.


The flower of the Kalanchoe is moved in a meat grinder, we take half a liter of the received mass and we fill with a liter of vodka, we insist 3 or 5 days. And we rub this remedy into the aching joints. You can change the proportion.

Chalk with yogurt

Chalk a little grated, stir with kefir until we get a homogeneous mass. The quantity of kefir and chalk is taken arbitrarily; the mixture in density should resemble dense sour cream and do not spread. We put on cellophane and apply, to a sore spot, like a compress. Wrap a warm scarf or handkerchief.

Buttercup from pain in the knees

This plant is poisonous. Take 3 or 4 plants without roots and brew 1 glass of boiling water. Broth pour into the basin, add water, so that there were 5 liters. Soar your feet while the water is hot, soar, as much as you can tolerate. In this infusion we will wet a rag and apply to the knees. We do this procedure for the night, until the pain in the knees passes.

Decoction of pine needles from pain in the knees

In a three-liter saucepan, fill 2 handfuls of needles and pour it to the top of the cold water. 5 minutes of boiling, and insist 4 hours, then strain and put in the refrigerator. We drink all day instead of water. Gradually the pain completely disappears. Make a visit to for more on this.

Fish compress

Take a fresh raw fish (any); remove the bones, and a piece the size of the palm will apply to the sore spot. Cover with polyethylene, wrapped in a warm scarf. In the morning we will change the compress and re-tie it with a warm scarf. So we do 7 times, after 2 or 3 times we will repeat.

Egg white, mustard, camphor

We take 100 eggs white (egg white weighs 35 grams), 50 ml of alcohol, 50 grams of mustard powder, 50 grams of camphor. Soluble in alcohol camphor, then mustard. Separately, we’ll take a chilled protein out. We mix the two compounds and before going to bed we’ll go to the sick joint at night, tie it up with something woolen. Ointment is kept in the refrigerator.

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