The Business in Africa About the Telephone Connectivity

In 2001, a small African telecommunications company bought a $ 285 million license to distribute the mobile signal at a state auction in Africa. Observers called the company decision “crazy.” For four decades, the country was under military dictatorship. Africa had large oil reserves, but otherwise it was very poor. Its infrastructure was almost completely destroyed.

The State Telephone

The state telephone company took an eyelid to bring the total number of subscribers to several hundred thousand (with a population of 120 million people). The business climate was difficult to call stable.

However, the company took a risk. The company’s executives learned from their friends that there are about 10 million pay TV subscribers in Africa. If so many Africans could afford satellite TV, then they can buy a mobile phone.

  • For five years, 32 million people have become clients of the company in Africa. Currently, the company operates across Africa and the Middle East, but Africa remains its single largest source of income, the British magazine The Economist writes.
  • Many companies have been generously rewarded for risky investing in Africa. In Africa, there are some of the fastest growing economies in the world, and Africa is the largest among them. In April, the country revised its official GDP, as a result of which it increased by 90% (before that, the outdated method of statistics was used).
  • Today, every fifth inhabitant of Africa south of the Sahara lives in Africa. The population of the country is increasing every year by 2-3%, and its significant part is young, ambitious and more educated people.
  • Africa has become a testing ground for the strategy of the world’s largest producers of consumer goods for the whole of Africa. And this is not only because of its size. When it comes to Business of Africa the businessmen should be aware of these matters.

Market in the central business district of Lagos

However, Africa is an example not only of great opportunities in Africa, but also of all the shortcomings of the Black Continent. The epidemic of ebola fever in Guinea reached Lagos. Attacks by fanatics of the radical Islamist group Boko Haram are a reminder of the existence of numerous conflicts in Africa. The country is in a terrible state of transport, as well as energy infrastructure.

The rules of doing business can change at any time and, as a rule, for the worse. Access to the mass consumer is not an easy task, since most of the trade takes place in open markets or in stalls along the road. Nevertheless, a growing number of global brands believe in Africa and are ready to take risks. But foreign companies that would like to do business in Africa should remember three important things. First, be very careful in choosing a partner. The biggest mistake of a foreign company may be an incompetent or dishonest distributor. Even working with a reliable local firm can be unsuccessful if there are insufficient incentive measures.
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Currency exchange trading on the exchange

Trade in crypto currency is a new perspective direction in Internet trading which gives an opportunity to earn income on digital currency trading. Having arisen not so long ago the crypto currency offered a more perfect approach to money for payments on the Internet without control, commissions and intermediaries, contributed to the emergence of a huge market with incredible profitability, fabulous revenues, full-fledged crypto economy with its new laws and rules.

What is the trade in crypto currency?

Before answering the question what is the digital currency trading it is necessary to define the concept of the crypto currency. It is a digital currency, the unit of which is a coin which is issued on the network and is not associated with ordinary currency or any the state currency system. If to say in simple words this is electronic money. To learn about Crypto Currency kindly visit the link site to gather further knowledge. Trading in crypto currency is the same as internet trading but in this case instead of the usual assets the trader trades in digital currencies. Such an opportunity to earn huge profits on a crypto currency in a short time has become a subject of heated debate. Someone accepts crypto currency and someone opposes it but its existence on the market is justified and is especially valuable in the era of globalization and the development of the Internet.

How to make money on it?

In fact everything is customary. In order to trade in digital currency you do not need to perform complex manipulations. Your main tools will be graphs by which you can determine the trend of the currency up or down and downturn or growth. This information will help to determine exactly what volumes of crypto currency have passed from one source to another. Of course you can find indicators, strategies and trade in automated robots where you can earn by using mining and cloud mining.The instability of the market, the constant growth or fall in the exchange rate and the increased risks faced by investors has provoked crypto currency fever.

Conclusion: How to make money on the market?

Today everyone is involved in talking about when the digital currency bursts and what happens next? Thanks to news, sensational statements and loud headlines you can know about when there is a sharp jump in the value of such currencies and when they fall in price. Volatility of Crypto currency is hundreds of times higher than its indicator among traditional trading options. However the trade in crypto currency is also a risk of loss and if you do not manage to track the change in the trend there is a risk of losing your capital.

Dig a small the subject to know it closer and better

Before you even look for an SEO provider to outsource all or part of your SEO activity, you need to master the subject at a minimum. This is a key point. Many companies do not know anything about SEO and rely entirely on SEO expertise. Upstream, this ignorance of the basics of SEO makes it very difficult to choose the provider, prevents understanding of the constraints specific to SEO and creates downstream dependency. Knowledge of SEO fundamentals can be acquired very quickly and briefly with help of tyler collins, SEO expert. SEO is a complex field, certainly, which assumes a good web culture, but can quickly be understood, in its general logic, provided to devote a little time.

What else is to be seen?

You will notice that a mastery of SEO basics is very often essential. The SEO activity is rarely fully outsourced. In fact, most of the time, the service provider’s task is first to audit the site and then, secondly, to draft recommendations to be followed in an audit report. Charge the client then to carry out the operational work of SEO, on the basis of the recommendations of the provider. By the way, the mark of good SEOs is undeniably their ability to involve their customers in SEO work. If you want to hire a quality service provider, you also have to work on your side. It is very easy to find information on SEO. Many sites or specialized forums are even entirely devoted to SEO. So you do not need to look far to find all the basic info needed. For your information, count a good ten hours of work and reading to master the basics of SEO logic.

Conclusion:Define your need & your SEO goals

The second thing is very important, to choose the right SEO provider. You must at all costs succeed in clearly defining your needs and objectives. If you do not know what you want, it’s gone wrong. The reason is simple, depending on your main activity the nature of your site and the type of queries you want to better position yourself, the work of SEO will be different.The needs of a lawyer who seeks to position his site showcase about fifteen requests have little relationship with those of an ecommerce site that seeks to index its product pages on thousands of keywords. The actions to be implemented will be very different.Writing a brief, even short is a highly recommended practice. In formulating your expectations, you will be able to better define for yourself what you are looking for. This will probably allow you to better define your goals.


Explore Your Options With the right Joint Pain Solutions

Many people know the pain in the joints. Often pain occurs in the hip joint, pain in the elbow joint, pain in the shoulder joint, pain in the knee joint. Pain in the joints is chronic or acute. The cause of the pain may be age-related changes, fracture, increased stress on the joint, trauma, infectious disease or arthritis. Arthritis is such a general term for 100 diseases. Joint pain, folk recipes, we learn from this publication. These severe pains in the joints can be treated already tested by folk medicine. After all, an operation can always be done, if nothing helps.


The flower of the Kalanchoe is moved in a meat grinder, we take half a liter of the received mass and we fill with a liter of vodka, we insist 3 or 5 days. And we rub this remedy into the aching joints. You can change the proportion.

Chalk with yogurt

Chalk a little grated, stir with kefir until we get a homogeneous mass. The quantity of kefir and chalk is taken arbitrarily; the mixture in density should resemble dense sour cream and do not spread. We put on cellophane and apply, to a sore spot, like a compress. Wrap a warm scarf or handkerchief.

Buttercup from pain in the knees

This plant is poisonous. Take 3 or 4 plants without roots and brew 1 glass of boiling water. Broth pour into the basin, add water, so that there were 5 liters. Soar your feet while the water is hot, soar, as much as you can tolerate. In this infusion we will wet a rag and apply to the knees. We do this procedure for the night, until the pain in the knees passes.

Decoction of pine needles from pain in the knees

In a three-liter saucepan, fill 2 handfuls of needles and pour it to the top of the cold water. 5 minutes of boiling, and insist 4 hours, then strain and put in the refrigerator. We drink all day instead of water. Gradually the pain completely disappears. Make a visit to for more on this.

Fish compress

Take a fresh raw fish (any); remove the bones, and a piece the size of the palm will apply to the sore spot. Cover with polyethylene, wrapped in a warm scarf. In the morning we will change the compress and re-tie it with a warm scarf. So we do 7 times, after 2 or 3 times we will repeat.

Egg white, mustard, camphor

We take 100 eggs white (egg white weighs 35 grams), 50 ml of alcohol, 50 grams of mustard powder, 50 grams of camphor. Soluble in alcohol camphor, then mustard. Separately, we’ll take a chilled protein out. We mix the two compounds and before going to bed we’ll go to the sick joint at night, tie it up with something woolen. Ointment is kept in the refrigerator.

Management of business processes

BPM software allows to model and automate business processes, to trace parameters of their performance in real time.

Regardless of whether there is a speech about coordination of the contract, change of rules of formation of insurance premiums or planning of the annual budget, the business process management solution provides to the management of the company constant control over the course of the performance of an objective. It undertakes the most part of loading on the coordination of all involved employees, allowing to analyze results of the passing of a large number of processes at once, to reveal tendencies and to make reasonable decisions on the improvement of operating activities of the enterprise.

Tasks solved with the use of BPM systems:

  • The analysis and automation of the existing business processes
  • Design and imitating modeling new business of processes
  • Setting up business rules, monitoring of their execution (functionality of BRMS solutions – business rules management systems)
  • Automation of business processes (collecting requirements, design, modeling, execution, management of changes, etc.);
  • Control of business processes in short terms and in any parameters;
  • Monitoring of business processes (collecting statistics on key indicators; Monitoring of loading of employees; control of KPI and SLA both at the Level of all process, and at the level of separate steps of the process);
  • Optimization of business processes (process navigators for the direction of employees to necessary results; variability of processes depending on the region, a product, group of clients, qualification of employees, etc.);
  • Organization of collective work within unstructured business processes with the use of various channels of interaction and social networks.


The BPM system integrated into the IT space of the organization promotes streamlining of information infrastructure in general.

Why we need SEO consultant for better ranking

Today everyone tries to make their business more famous by doing its maximum publicity and opting for SEO, undoubtedly people do get their website made and get it introduced on search engine optimization however it is not sure that once potential client type something on search tab, then only your business will reflect first or may be on the first page of the search engine. Phoenix SEO helps you in making your SEO ranking on one of the top of the list or may be somewhere on the first page. There are reasons that one must hire a SEO consultant to give boom in your business and its publicity

Good hands on and expertise:

A SEO consultant has good knowledge and expertise to enhance you website, they do a lot of research and analysis about your business and give you most used and advanced keywords that can be used in your kind of business. They also do a research on how your competitors websites are working and do a strategy according to that also try and get you somewhere close to that.

Keep themselves updated with changes:

A SEO consultant always keep a track of whatever changes a search engine make and implement the same in their client’s website. Hence it becomes a duty of a SEO consultant to keep them updated with all kind of changes that are made and satisfy their customer’s accordingly. Phoenix SEO is one of the platforms who has seasoned executives who update themselves according to market. However if you do not hire one for you and think that you will be able to do things of your own then you may not be able to because you don’t know when does these changes happens, as they are very frequent and quick. You defiantly would need someone who keep a constant eye on the same and keep updating your website accordingly.

Regular analysis required:

No matter how good is your website or how advanced it is, you need a research and analysis to optimize your SEO search, a frequent monitoring is required to understand the number of visitors visited your website through a search engine, what ranking you are getting up on research, what is the conversion rate from SEO. With constant monitoring any drop or change in position of your website can quickly be addressed and rectified.

Easily understandable reports:

Once you hire a SEO consultant they will give you a report which would be easy to understand and completely analyzed with what is going in the market and status of your website’s ranking on SEO. With this you can easily be able to make strategy on how to improve your business.

Therefore considering the above mentioned points it is important to have a SEO consultant to enhance your business and can have good ranking on search engines.